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In response to Israeli war crimes, Canada must call for Sanctions Now!

Canadian individuals, civil society and human rights organizations are increasingly recognising  Israel’s actions for what they really are: colonial violence, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution and police brutality against Palestinians living in Al Quds-Jerusalem, and disproportionate military violence against Palestinians in Gaza, including killings of children and adults, and indiscriminate destruction of civilian homes and infrastructure. These most recent heinous acts add to the long record of apartheid, persecution and other war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian civilians.

Canada’s political leaders are, however, failing Canadians and their organizations when they confine their responses to expressions of “grave concern” and to calls for “restraint” based on false “both sides” narratives that equate the occupier with the occupied. In their place, Canadians and the world need leaders to hold Israeli authorities accountable for their actions or face political and economic consequences that cannot be ignored.

Although the New Democratic Party and the Green Party have overwhelmingly adopted policies specifically calling for a bilateral arms embargo and a ban on the imports from illegal Israeli settlements in occupied territories, in order to promote respect for human rights, the NDP and the Green Party leadership seem to have difficulty publicly advocating both of these policies. The Liberal, BQ and Conservative parties, meanwhile, are even further behind the Canadian public, and remain stuck in empty platitudes that really mean supporting the repressive status quo.

Green Left Canada calls on all politicians and political parties to join the mainstream of Canadian and world opinion in condemning Israeli violence against the Palestinian people. We also call on the Trudeau government to IMPOSE SANCTIONS NOW in order to pressure the occupying power towards full respect for international law and Palestinian human rights.

For further information, please contact:
Wendy Goldsmith: [email protected]
Dimitri Lascaris: [email protected]

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