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Photo by: Illse Orsel, the Netherlands.

Proposal G21-P044, Submitted by Matthew Sloly

“Establishing Participatory Economic Democracy” was one of over 20 policy proposals that members of Green Left – Gauche verte wrote and/or promoted to help make ecosocialist solutions central to the platform of the Green Party of Canada. We are happy to announce that GPC members greenlighted “Economic Democracy” for adoption at the party’s Biennial General Meeting in November.

Most adults spend much of their waking lives at work, and yet have little say about their working conditions, the working conditions of others in their communities, or the decisions that affect the economy and planet overall.

This proposal empowers citizens to participate directly in economic decision-making. It gives them a greater role in determining the purpose and conditions of work, and how the fruits of the economy are distributed and reinvested.

It ensures that all have the means to pursue self-development and realize their full potential, limited only by their responsibility to society and ecology.

The GPC will work to establish Economic Democracy through community organizing, popular education, federal legislation and revisions to international treaties, empowering workers to participate directly in all decisions affecting their lives, including but not limited to:

  • purpose and conditions of work;
  • distribution and/or reinvestment of surpluses;
  • environmentally sustainable growth.

See the GPC votes page for details of our recommendations

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