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Some things we have been reading, as suggested by our members.

*While we don’t endorse all aspects of these analyses, there is a lot here to reflect on as we move forward.

Non-Indigenous people — here’s what you can do, right now

Anna McKenzie and Jacqueline Ronson, via

“Communities across so-called Canada are grieving after the discovery of the unmarked graves of 215 children at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. Many Indigenous people are overwhelmed with the tasks of caring for themselves, their families and communities. And many non-Indigenous people are wondering what they can do to help…”


Why Ecosocialism: For a Red-Green Future

Michael Löwy via The Great Transition Initiative

“Contemporary capitalist civilization is in crisis. The unlimited accumulation of capital, commodification of everything, ruthless exploitation of labor and nature, and attendant brutal competition undermine the bases of a sustainable future, thereby putting the very survival of the human species at risk. The deep, systemic threat we face demands a deep, systemic change…”

For an alternative view on socialist states and the environment, see for example:


For a future: Organize!

Charles Posa McFadden and Karen Howell McFadden via Green Social Democracy

“As the crisis deepens, so must our thinking and organizational ambition….. While natural resources, including individual human labor capacity, will need to be conserved and enhanced, the quality of life can expand in ways otherwise stymied by the priority capitalism assigns to private wealth accumulation.”

Looking for more ecosocialist reading? Have a look at the reviews and arguments here from Green Social Democracy:


Petition: “Stop Canada’s funding of groups that glorify Nazi collaborators.”

Richard Sanders of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) has launched a petition to defund these far right groups that are creating so much havoc with the Canadian social fabric.

“We call on the Canadian government to stop its financial support for East European lobby groups that whitewash their communities’ complicity in the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity.”

Read more about “Defunding the Myths and Cults of Cold War Canada” here: (click on specific article titles to read different chapters of that publication).

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