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We cannot properly face the climate crisis, without demilitarizing our economy: this means Canada must join the international movement to prohibit nuclear arms and stop purchasing expensive carbon-spewing military equipment which inevitably undermines funding for a just green transition. Ending arms exports to human rights violators like Saudi Arabia also means converting war industries to peaceful green production.




“While exacerbating the climate crisis, fighter jets are not needed to protect our security… The majority of Canadians said that peacekeeping and disaster relief was a priority, not preparing for war. Instead of purchasing 88 new fighter jets, let’s use these resources for healthcare, education, housing and clean water.

At a time of health, social and climate crises, the Canadian government must prioritize a just recovery, green infrastructure and invest in Indigenous communities.”

No New Fighter Jets

Take Action!  “More than 100 musicians, politicians, authors and academics are calling on the Federal government to halt their planned purchase of unnecessary, dangerous, climate destroying fighter jets.  Join them!”



À la mémoire de toutes les victimes des guerres: Le Canada doit dire NON aux armes nucléaires!

« L’urgence climatique et l’urgence nucléaire mettent en péril la survie de la planète; toutes deux sont des conséquences de décisions humaines; toutes deux nécessitent une action radicale urgente. »

La Gauche verte – Green Left est fière de figurer parmi les 43 groupes qui signent cette déclaration, parue le 6 novembre dans Le Devoir, et le 21 octobre dans le journal Métro de Montréal.



“Jobs are no excuse — Canada must stop arming Saudi Arabia”

“To its shame, Canada has twice been named by the United Nations Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen as one of several world powers helping to perpetuate the conflict by continuing to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia.”
[…] “Recognizing that ending arms exports to Saudi Arabia could affect workers in Canada’s defence sector, the civil society organizations, including Oxfam Canada and Amnesty International Canada, used the open letter to call on the Trudeau government “to work with trade unions representing workers in the arms industry to develop a plan that secures the livelihoods of those who would be impacted by the suspension of arms exports to Saudi Arabia.”



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For both peace and the environment, Canada can no longer afford to stay in NATO #GreenLeft

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Pour la paix et pour l’environnement, le Canada ne doit plus rester dans l’OTAN. #GaucheVerte

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