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As ecosocialists, Green Left – Gauche verte opposes measures that stifle dissent. As demonstrated at border crossings such as Windsor, Ontario and Coutts, Alberta, the ordinary laws of Canada were already adequate to deal with the misconduct of the “Freedom Convoy”. The Emergency Act’s authoritarian powers were unnecessary. The reluctance that Canadian authorities have shown in enforcing existing laws in Ottawa contrasts sharply with police treatment of racialized, Indigenous and other progressive protestors, such as occurred recently on sovereign Wet’Suwet’en territory. This reluctance will not disappear simply because the Emergencies Act has been invoked and now revoked

As the Canadian Civil Liberties Association explains, the high threshold for invoking the Emergencies Act was never met, and the normalization of emergency powers constitutes a threat to democracy.

Although eco-socialists disagree with the objectives, values and opinions of participants in the “freedom convoy”, if we endorse this government’s use of emergency powers, we limit our ability to successfully mount and sustain protests that will be necessary to save Mother Earth and to achieve real democracy.

We invite viewers to read the articles here for more context, perspective and analysis.


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