These are the core principles and values that guide Green Left as we work to analyze current ecological, economic and social-political conditions, contribute a space for dialogue and collaboration, and promote solutions.


The ecological crisis is grounded in the inherent contradictions and irrationality of unfettered neo-liberal corporate capitalism; the solutions lie in eco-socialist alternatives which can reverse the current destructive trajectory and deliver a just and green prosperity.


New paradigms and structures are not only possible but necessary now. The current market-based system has moved us to a precipice; it threatens planetary extinction while privileging the interests of a tiny elite and largely ignoring the struggles and life-experiences of most of us: poor people, working people, Indigenous peoples, women and peoples of colour.

Ecological Justice

Green Left is committed to economies that reverse the pending ecological catastrophe. This demands particular attention to reducing climate change, preserving habitat, reducing wasteful consumption, and eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels.

Democracy and Economic Justice

Current levels of economic and social inequality are incompatible with democracy; to be democratic is to be truly egalitarian. This means that the elite ruling classes no longer have an outsized influence on government and policy. Instead, all people, especially those from currently marginalized groups, should be empowered to develop economic, political and social systems that support the livelihoods of all people, while respecting the limitations of our planet and protecting its ecological diversity.

Social Justice

Discrimination in its various forms is part of the oppressive structure that preserves privilege and domination by scapegoating communities, justifying economic exploitation, misdirecting frustration and dividing working peoples. An eco-socialist society is one that seeks to eliminate discrimination in all its forms, and affirms the rights and dignity of all people.

International Cooperation and Justice

Eco-socialists recognize the connections and intersections among militarism, imperialism, and capitalism: the predatory political, security, military and economic interests of national and international elites. We therefore work towards an international order based on cooperation, self-determination, equality, justice and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, in support of the needs and rights of peoples, particularly oppressed peoples, everywhere.

Affirmation through Collective Action

Green Left recognizes that while the challenges we face are real and pressing, substantive change is achievable through dialogue, organization and collective action. This can occur through both grassroots movement-building and exerting pressure on, and reforming, existing political, economic and security institutions.

Core Values and Ethics

Inspired by a range of Indigenous teachings, wisdom traditions * and philosophies, we as eco-socialists value and strive to embody the following:

~ A reverence and love for all life; living in “right relation” with all people and with nature.

~ Interconnectedness of the natural and human worlds, and the interdependence of individuals and communities (local and global).

~ Honesty, transparency, trustworthiness, respect and fairness in our dealings with one another, and in confronting the crises facing our planet.

~ Cooperative and collaborative learning and agency; building solidarity with other organizations, communities and individuals committed to ecological, economic and social justice.

~ Analysis and policies grounded in on-going inquiry, reason and evidence-based research, especially climate science and analysis of social, economic and political inequities.

~ Wisdom — as unbiased judgment, compassion, depth of insight, experiential self-knowledge, as well as virtues such as empathy and benevolence.

~ Humility, real listening, self-reflection, and the absence of arrogance, egoism or excessive pride; while we celebrate the value – and indeed necessity– of differences of opinion and approach, we work to resolve these in a spirit of growth, collaboration and mutual respect.

~ Courage  — the willingness to speak truth to power and to face risk, fear, and uncertainty in a way that respects the safety and security of all people and the planet.

~ Creativity, affirmation and joy: we value the arts and strive to recognize and nurture beauty and joy in our daily lives and in our relationships with nature, our work and one another.

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