By-law 1: Membership

1.1.    Any citizen or resident of Canada who is at least fourteen (14) years of age is eligible for membership in GLC, with full voting rights. Because GLC is a non-partisan organization, an applicant for membership need not be a member of any particular political party in order to become a Member.

1.2.    Every Member shall respect this Constitution and By-laws.

1.3.    The National Council may adopt a rule requiring persons who wish to become a Member of GLC to pay an annual membership fee, which fee shall not exceed $50. The National Council may exempt persons belonging to disadvantaged groups from having to pay the full or any membership fee.

1.4.    A Member shall cease to be in good standing upon failure to pay the annual membership fee (assuming National Council requires such a fee to be paid) or upon other conditions as set out by the National Council or in the By-laws.

1.5.    A person may not be a Member of GLC if that person belongs to an organization whose actions or objectives are inconsistent with the GLC’s Basis of Unity or Values.

1.6.    It shall be the responsibility of the National Council to maintain a register of Members.

1.7.    The National Council shall ensure that Members are notified that their membership fees (if any) are due.

1.8.    A person shall cease to be a Member of GLC: (a) by delivering the person’s resignation in writing by mailing, emailing or otherwise delivering it to an address of the GLC; (b) on the person’s death; or (c) on the person being expelled from GLC in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws.

1.9.    A Member may be expelled by a resolution of the National Council or a General Meeting of Members. The person who is subject to the proposed expulsion shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard at the meeting before the motion is put to a vote. A Member may be expelled, suspended, or otherwise disciplined for any conduct which: (1) is contrary to the Members’ Code of Conduct; (2) is contrary to the Constitution; or (3) brings discredit to GLC.

1.10.   Other than when the membership is assembled in General Assembly, email will be considered the default form of communication between the National Council, the Executive and the Members, including but not limited to, election of Council, distribution of official notices, and any matter requiring the participation of the general membership.

1.11.   A Member’s right to vote on all matters, including all elections, shall commence after the person has been a Member for 30 days.

By-law 2: National Council

2.1.    The initial members of National Council shall be:

Atul Bahl
Karen Brill
Radhika Desai
Wendy Goldsmith
David Heap
Stephanie Kelly
Dimitri Lascaris
Howard Leznoff

The initial President of National Council shall be:

The initial Vice-Presidents of National Council shall be:

The initial Spokespersons of GLC shall be:

2.2.    On or before March 21, 2022, National Council will hold a General Assembly at which the Members shall elect the new members of National Council, including the President and two Vice-Presidents of National Council and the two Spokespersons of GLC. At such General Assembly and at subsequent General Assemblies, the initial members of National Council may stand for election to National Council, but no person may serve on National Council for more than four consecutive years.

2.3.    Any person who is a Member in good standing of GLC, who has been a Member in good standing of GLC for at least ninety (90) days prior to the time of nomination, and who is nominated in writing by at least twenty (20) Members in good standing, shall be eligible to run for election to National Council and for the positions of President, Vice-President and Spokesperson.

2.4.    All Members of GLC in good standing shall be eligible to vote in the election for National Council.

2.5.    The vote for any office of National Council shall be by preferential ballot, and a majority vote shall elect.

2.6.    All National Council members shall be elected to serve a two-year term or until their successors are elected.

2.7.    Any National Councillor may be removed from office for cause, by a 3/4 vote of National Council at a meeting called for that purpose. Any member of National Council must be informed in writing of all allegations which form the basis of a motion for removal of the Councillor and is entitled to 30 days to prepare and present a defense before any motions of non-confidence or removal.

2.8.    Any National Council member who fails to attend three consecutive National Council meetings without apparent cause shall be automatically removed from National Council unless the Councillor provides satisfactory written documentation explaining the absences and is reinstated by a majority vote of National Council. If the Councillor is removed under these circumstances, the member shall be ineligible to run for a National Council position in the next election for National Council.

2.9.    National Council has the authority to fill, by appointment, any vacancy, however caused, until the next General Assembly or the term for that position ends, whichever occurs first.

2.10.   All National Council members shall be notified of a vacancy within fourteen (14) days of the vacancy arising. Notice of the vacancy shall be posted prominently on GLC’s website and all Members will be notified by email of the vacancy within the same fourteen (14) day period.

2.11.   A further period of fourteen (14) days will be allowed before any vacancy is filled to allow Members to identify or self-identify eligible candidates.

2.12.   National Council shall meet at least four (4) times per year and may meet by electronic means.

2.13.   All decisions of National Council shall be by a majority of vote of those present and voting, except as may be specifically stated elsewhere in the Constitution or By-laws.

2.14.   All Members may observe, by electronic means, meetings of National Council, except for those portions of National Council which are held in camera. In order for any portion of a National Council meeting to be held in camera, at least two-thirds of National Council members present must vote in favour of holding that portion of the meeting in camera. In camera sessions shall be the exception rather than the rule and, at all times, National Council must strive to act in a maximally transparent manner, consistently with the Values and best interests of GLC.

2.15.   National Council may adopt procedural rules for conducting its meetings, provided that such rules shall not be inconsistent with the Constitution and By-laws.

2.16.   National Council meetings shall be scheduled by National Council, or may be called by the President, or may be called by any group of councillors constituting 1/3 of the membership of National Council.

2.17.   Where required due to practical considerations, National Council may make decisions between normal meetings by email and other electronic means, and the results of any such votes shall be read into the minutes of the subsequent meeting and in accordance with procedures set in the By-laws.

2.18.   The National Council may establish such committees as it deems desirable. The mandates of such committees may be established by National Council and any such committee shall report to National Council.

By-law 3: General Meetings of the Entire Membership of the Party

3.1.    The annual General Assembly of Members shall be called by the National Council by majority vote. The National Council shall establish the location and the date of the meeting.

3.2.    Other General Meetings may be called by: (a) National Council by a 2/3 vote of those voting; or (b) Petition to National Council submitted and signed by 10% of the Members of GLC in good standing.

3.3.    When a General Meeting has been petitioned, National Council shall select the location and the date of the General Meeting, which date shall be set within ninety days of receipt of the petition.

3.4.    Members shall be notified at least thirty (30) days in advance of any deadline to submit motions for consideration at a General Meeting of Members.

3.5.    Motions shall be submitted by at least twenty (20) GLC Members in good standing.

3.6.    Motions that are not submitted in advance and are moved from the floor of the meeting shall only be considered if they are of an emergency nature and shall require a 2/3 vote to be considered by the meeting.

3.7.    Motions, including rationale and background information, submitted in advance, must be made available to Members who are eligible to vote at the General Meeting at least thirty (30) days in advance of the start of meeting.

3.8.    In accordance with the GLC’s Rules of Procedure, the text of motions, including amendments to the Constitution or By-laws, may be changed at a General Assembly providing the original intent of the motion or amendment, as received by the Members with the notification of the General Assembly, is maintained.

3.9.    Votes cast by post or electronic mail, or by telephone fax, shall be by a process where the authenticity of the vote can be verified.

By-law 4: Appeals Committee

4.1.    An Appeals Committee shall be selected at a General Assembly of Members, and such selection shall have due regard and respect for gender parity and regional balance.

4.2.    The Appeals Committee may fill its vacancies between General Assemblies of Members.

4.3.    The Appeals Committee shall be chaired by a person selected by the committee.

4.4.    The Appeals Committee is a committee of the GLC membership, responsible to the membership at General Meetings.

4.5.    The Appeals Committee shall: (a) receive complaints from Members regarding decisions made by organized Units or functionaries of the GLC that affect their rights as members, or concerns regarding GLC governance; (b) decide whether or not to accept and deal with each complaint, and inform the complainant of the decision; (c) for accepted cases, issue reports with the committee’s recommendations to all the parties involved; (d) inform National Council regularly of its activities; and (e) maintain guidelines for conduct and operation of the Appeals Committee.

By-law 5: GLC Documents

5.1.    The National Council shall maintain for viewing by all Members the following GLC documents:

(a)      Constitution and By-laws;

(b)      Rules of Procedure;

(c)      the GLC Platform;

(d)      all minutes of meetings of National Council (except for those minutes that relate to decisions taken in camera);

(e)      all minutes of previous General Meetings of the Members

On request, copies of the documents listed above shall be forwarded by mail to Members at reasonable cost.

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