Election 2021: GL/Gv Questions for New Parliamentarians

We suggest that you raise the following five questions with your parliamentary representatives:

The Big Five Election Issues

  1. Ecological Emergency
  2. Health
  3. Military
  4. Indigenous
  5. Equality

Suggested Questions

  1. This summer’s catastrophic weather events and latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report confirm that the climate crisis is upon us and that we can no longer delay taking serious and committed action on climate change. Given that Canada is one of the world’s worst polluters, what is your plan to wind down the  fossil fuels industry? How will extraction industry workers be supported as we move rapidly toward green energy?  
  2. The pandemic has exposed deep weaknesses and inequities in our healthcare system after decades of underfunding in the face of rising need. How do you propose to address this? How will you reverse the growing dependency of Canadians on private sector medical services?
  3. As the deplorable situation in Afghanistan shows, the US-based approach to security is beyond the end of its shelf life. Moreover, militarism is causing massive amounts of carbon pollution and environmental degradation.Do you support Canada’s withdrawal from senseless overseas military  commitments, an end to wasting money on military hardware, conversion of war industries to peaceful production and establishing relations of respect and cooperation with other nations?
  4. Shocking revelations of unmarked graves of Indigenous children show the wounds of settler colonialism are raw and open. How do you propose to rectify the historic and present-day wrongs of Canadian rule, to defend and promote Indigenous peoples’ individual and collective rights to land and sovereignty?
  5. Inequality is an enduring stain on Canadian society.  Marginalised groups such as women, racialized minorities, and Indigenous peoples are deprived of rights, housing and livelihoods by systemic discrimination. How will you address this? In particular, polls show massive public support for a wealth tax. Do you support a wealth tax and if not, why not?

Please consider following up your questions with further requests for specific answers.  You could, for example, ask the person who you speak to get back to you with a more specific response.


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