In August, we published our recommendations for the Green Party Policy Process and for the Green Party leadership. GPC members can check out the details of our proposals and the results of the vote below.

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GPC members can find the vote results here:

Policy proposals that GreenLeft supported and promoted

G21-P002 Phase Out Subsidies to Animal Agriculture
G21-P006 Public Borrowing Only from the Bank of Canada
G21-P007 Creating Access to Banking Services at Canada Post Outlets
G21-P011 Promoting Social Purpose Businesses
G21-P014  Establishing a National Carbon Budget
G21-P015  Remove GPC “Population Control” Policy to Better Reflect Party Values
G21-P017 Achieving Housing For All Through Market Regulation & Public Investment in Housing
G21-P018 Require Environmental Accountability for Products and Services
G21-P019  A Well-Being Dashboard for Canada — Measuring What Matters Most
G21-P021 Implement Mandatory Voting in Canada
G21-P025 Withdraw From the Lima Group
G21-P027 Reduce Strategic Dependency on Gross and Systematic Human Rights Violators
G21-P032 Nationalise Long-Term Care
G21-P034 Universal Access to Post-Secondary Education
G21-P037 Indigenous Peoples’ Collective Control and Veto Over Resource Projects and Endeavours Impacting Their Traditional Lands and Territories.
G21-P040 Implementing a National Decarceration Strategy
G21-P042 Work Towards an International Treaty Against Ecocide
G21-P044 Establish Participatory Economic Democracy
G21-P046 Maximum Wage
G21-P048 Withdraw from Military Alliances with Nuclear Armed States
G21-P051 Reallocation of RCMP Funding to Community-Based Programs
G21-P056 Eliminate Extreme Wealth Via Progressive Taxation

Amendment proposals that GreenLeft supported

G21-B002 Bylaw for a Revitalized Shadow Cabinet

G21-B004   Adopt a Collaborative Governance Model for Federal Council

G21-B006 Strengthening Provisions for Special General Meetings

G21-B007 Democratize the Policy Process by Prohibiting Limitations and Functionary Commentary On Members’ Motions

G21-B008 Young Greens: Attainable Quorum for Participation

G21-B010 Stabilizing Voter Lists Before National Internal Elections

G21-B011  Regional Associations of EDAs

G21-C001 Strengthen GPC Bilingualism Requirements

G21-C005   Hold General Meetings Annually with a Guaranteed Virtual Attendance Option

G21-C008 Official Standing of Indigenous Peoples Advisory Council

G21-C010 Remove Requirement to Field Candidates in All Ridings to Allow Strategic Exceptions


Directives that GreenLeft supported:

G21-D001 Establish a Constitution Renewal Commission

G21-D003  Pre-Writ One Page Policy Briefs to Empower EDAs

G21-D004  Collect Feedback from EDAs to Build Knowledge and Improve Resources

G21-D006  Explore Collaborative Campaign Arrangements with the NDP

G21-D007 Ensure Internal Policies Adhere to Financial Transparency Best Practices


Amendment proposals that GreenLeft suggested ranking as yellow:

G21-C002  Change the Composition of Federal Council

G21-C009 Dual Leadership for Better Representation


Amendment proposals that GreenLeft opposed:

G21-P026 Supporting a Dialogue-Based, Civilian-Centred Approach to Ending Deadly Conflict

G21-D009 Include Subject-Matter Experts in the Policy Development Process

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