Eco-socialism is a movement that recognizes that the main cause of the current ecological crisis—and of much other human suffering — is capitalism, and its distorted and irrational demand for perpetual growth.

An eco-socialist society, by contrast, is characterized by eight key conditions:

  1. a green, sustainable economy
  2. the elimination of poverty, homelessness and extreme wealth
  3. democratic control of industries that are essential to the well-being of the people
  4. the elimination of discrimination in all its forms
  5. recognition of the oppressive legacies of settler-colonial states and active solidarity with the leadership of Indigenous groups
  6. free access to healthcare, education and legal representation
  7. an unwavering commitment to non-violence, both in domestic affairs and in international relations
  8. a commitment to promote peace and disarmament, and the delegitimization of war
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